BRIDES - Ocular.Unveil

Title: BRIDES - Ocular.Unveil
Catalogue Number: TORMENT135
Release date: 23 March 2009
Number of tracks: 8

01. Beholder
02. Serpent, I'm Nothing But Your Anchor
03. Endless Sea Of Dirac
04. The Cold Wealth
05. Eye Despise The Faceless
06. Carcinoma
07. Frank West
08. Velvet Ground

Catalogue No: ITEM-000103

A striking and highly dynamic blend of punk, metal, prog, post hardcore and straight up rock, BRIDES draw as much influence from Hot Water Music and A Wilhelm Scream as they do from Mew or Misery Signals, confidently overlaying styles usually kept separate to create an elaborate yet accessible concoction.

Boasting BRIDES’ trademark duelling vocals and a positive slew of ambition and honesty, debut album Ocular.Unveil was produced and recorded at Outhouse Studios, Reading by John Mitchell and Ben Humphreys (Youmeatsix, Architects, Enter Shikari).