YOUR DEMISE - Ignorance Never Dies

Title: YOUR DEMISE - Ignorance Never Dies
Catalogue Number: TORMENT137
Release date: 20th April 2009
Number of tracks: 14

01. Ignorance Never Dies
02. Burnt Tongues
03. Nothing Left But Regret
04. Antipode
06 Dreaming Of Believing
07. TF
08. Unknown Dub
09. The Clocks Aren't Ticking Backwards
10. Feels Like There's Something Dark Inside
11. All I Never Want To Be
12. Great Shape
13. Black Veins
14. Blood Ran Cold

Catalogue No: ITEM-000104

With this debut album, the band have refined their sound and fulfilled the potential that critics and fans alike have credited them with from the beginning. Expect elements from across the spectrum of heavy music, guest vocals (from Sam Carter, Architects), even drum and bass/dubstep, courtesy of producer Dylan, Jake23 and Culprate. This is the sound of a band making an album according to their own rules, taking it to the next level and making the music that must be made.

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