Catalogue Number: TORMENT140
Release date: 27th July 2009
Number of tracks: 10

01. Out Of My System
02. Dead In The Water
03. Moonlight
04. Straight From The Throat
05. Saviour Stranger
06. A Great Day For The Crows
07. Homecounty Killer
08. Perpare Yourself For The News
09. Crystal Clear
10. Clock House / Lenny

Catalogue No: ITEM-000106

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Articles is the sound of four lads who have put their blood sweat and tears into the band, living and breathing every last beat and note. In preparation for recording the album, the band personally gutted out and soundproofed a pig sty and rebuilt their own recording studio, practice/live room and vocal booth.

They spent the next two months sharing a house next door to the studio, recording, mixing and producing the album entirely by themselves. Expect slamming drums, urgent basslines, QOTSA meets RATM -esque riffage and vocals that make you want to rip your heart out and serve it up on a plate!

"There ain't no party like an Outcry Party" - Kerrang!
"Rock and Roll was destined to sound dirty, and 'Articles' is a very welcome antithesis to pedestrian, sanitized bands that think otherwise." - Rock Sound
"Bloody good - I mean, really good… infectious, lairy and downright brilliant." - Punktastic