MISS CONDUCT - Sinner vs Sinned EP

Title: MISS CONDUCT - Sinner Vs Sinned EP
Catalogue Number: TORMENT103
Release date: 19th March 2007
Number of tracks: 6

01. City Burns Alive
02. Devotion
03. First Loves Denial
04. Six Feet Under
05. Saviour Self
06. Sinner Vs Sinned

Catalogue No: ITEM-000021

'Sinner Vs Sinned' is full of pop punk attitude, epic riffs and anthemic choruses that you'll be humming all day. If you're not tapping you feet by the end of it, then we'll eat our hats, or perhaps another similar, more edible garment…

"Expect a trail of broken hearts and insanely catchy songs." - Rock Sound