THE PLIGHT - Black Summer EP

Title: THE PLIGHT - Black Summer EP
Catalogue Number: TORMENT119
Release date: 8th October 2007
Number of tracks: 6

01. Clarendon
02. Ball And Chain
03. Shadow Boxer
04. It Only Gets Worse
05. Lifestyle
06. Pull The Trigger

Catalogue No: ITEM-000027

If you love your riffs classic, your vocals throaty and your beats thumping, then THE PLIGHT might just be your favourite new band. Imagine Black Flag getting trashed with Thin Lizzy at a Motörhead gig. Sound good? Well, that’s because THE PLIGHT are bleeding GREAT!

"Expect big things and soon. KKKK" - Kerrang March 08
"May we introduce to you the latest name to add to your new favourite bands list: The Plight. This is hardcore punk at its bile spewing best. 8/10" - Rock Sound