THE LEGACY - Beyond Hurt Beyond Hell

Title: THE LEGACY - Beyond Hurt Beyond Hell
Catalogue Number: TORMENT125
Release date: 30th June 2008
Number of tracks: 13

01. Alpha
02. Ill Fated
03. Fire And Brimstone
04. Sand And Time
05. Remnants
06. Exsomnis
07. Curse Of The Ages
08. Ashes To Ashes
09. The Sun Wields Mercy
10. Closure
11. Cagliari
12. Dusk
13. Omega

Catalogue No: ITEM-000030

BEYOND HURT BEYOND HELL takes what was started by 'Solitude' to a whole new level. In between touring all over the UK and Europe, the band have had time to mature their sound, into a deep, bleak monster of aggression, while still retaining their trademark melodic edge that won them fans from all over the often overly simplistic Hardcore scene.

"A corker of a Hardcore record." - Kerrang June 08
"As subtle as an elbow to your boss' nose but at least twice as much fun… they are at the top of this particular league." - NME June 08
"A powerful and diverse effort. 4/5" - Big Cheese June 08
"This band could be your life" - New Noise July 08