THE STUPIDS - Van Stupid & Frankfurter

Title: THE STUPIDS - Van Stupid & Frankfurter
Catalogue Number: TORMENT128
Release date: 30th June 2008
Number of tracks: 24

01. Texan Vacation
02. Layback Session
03. Rootbeer Death
04. Sorry It Blew My Head
05. Leave Your Mark
06. I Don't Like Nobody (Porno Mix)
07. Vampire I
08. Hot Babes
09. Megazombie
10. Pasta Boy
11. Raise The Breadknife
12. Frankfurter Rap
13. Gimme Donuts
14. Inbred Zombies
15. More Of The Same
16. We Rule
17. Frankfurter
18. Nowhere To Be Found
19. Terrordome
20. Megazombie
21. It's All The Same
22. Good Guys Party
23. I've Got A Right
24. Shopping In Hell

Catalogue No: ITEM-000031

Hailing from Ipswich, in the 1980s, The Stupids were the legendary UK Hardcore Punk pioneers who, in three short years from 1984 to 1987 went from 4 track demos to the front cover of NME and Sounds and Indie Number 1 Chart albums. This re-issue combines both the Van Stupid mini-album and Frankfurter EP.