Title: PRIMARY SLAVE - Data Plague
Catalogue Number: TORMENT2
Release date: 2000
Number of tracks: 9

01. Spasm
02. Electric Dream State
03. Slide
04. Re wire
05. D.E.F
06. Lifeline
07. Jag D2
08. Silicone
09. A Way To Be Religious

Catalogue No: ITEM-000040

Formed in 1998 by guitarist Paul Allender (CRADLE OF FILTH) and bassist David Palser, Primary Slave is the result of what started as a studio based venture. Invited to join what was originally titled the ''Lillith'' project were Mark Royce (ex-ENTWINED Keyboardist) and ''G'' on drums. However, such was the musical dynamism of the creative collective, the studio project developed into a solid band unit outright.

Allender immediately drew on the talents of Mark Giltrow's (CENOBYTE) vocals and guitar, to complete the line-up. Taking an eclectic approach to their song writing, and fusing the tradition of hard riffin' guitars, epic orchestrations and the technologies of sampling in order to produce a futuristic cyber-metal hybrid.