LABRAT - Ruining It For Everyone

Title: LABRAT - Ruining It For Everyone
Catalogue Number: TORMENT26CD
Release date: 3rd June 2002
Number of tracks: 10

01. Diary Of A Piss Drinker
02. Father Son And Holy Goat
03. Retention
04. Hilary's Song
05. Rest Among The Silt
06. Instant Karma
07. Clint Eastwood Is Very Hard, Innit
08. Merrick Sympathiser
09. Phuelled By Farmiceuticals
10. Two Pigs Fucking

Catalogue No: ITEM-000045

Labrat hits like a bulldozer, trampling over anything that lies in its path, irrespective of the outcome. The music of this UK outfit careens wildly through a visceral, racketeering vein that is not for the faint-hearted. Not in the slightest. Rock Sound magazine puts it best: "Imagine Iron Monkey smacking the shit out of Slayer refereed by Discharge. It's brutal."