DAYS OF WORTH - The Western Mechanism

Title: DAYS OF WORTH - The Western Mechanism
Catalogue Number: TORMENT34CD
Release date: 5th April 2005
Number of tracks: 10

01. Standard Suburban Anthem
02. State Of Me
03. Street Lights On Heavy Eyes
04. It's A Beautiful View
05. Take Me Through
06. Youth Base Setter
07. Narcolepsy
08. Ladies And Gentlemen
09. Takes More Than Distance
10. The Western Mechanism

Catalogue No: ITEM-000054

Imagine the epic scale of 'Nothing's Shocking' era Jane's Addiction; the progressive but not proggy hugeness of Oceansize and Amplifier; a young, strong emotion drenched voice as powerful as say that of Ian Watkins (Lostprophets) or James from Eighteen Visions; and the subtle political allegorising of the Manic Street Preachers or Radiohead, then you are somewhere close to the exceedingly satisfying sound of Days of Worth.