DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL - Darkness Prevails

Title: DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL - Darkness Prevails
Catalogue Number: TORMENT57CD
Release date: 1st August 2005
Number of tracks: 5

01. Darkness Prevails
02. Some Friend
03. Clouds
04. Liyl
05. Like It's Your Last

Catalogue No: ITEM-000078

This hotly tipped debut takes, as starting points, the cerebral structures of Tool, the fearsome musical musculature of Will Haven and the sweeping emotion of Deftones.

"They may well be the UK’s answer to TOOL … an essential purchase! (KKKK)" - Kerrang!
"Absolutely mind-blowing, every arrangement is perfection in itself and every single song is completely unique and individual... (5/5)" - Big Cheese
"Big, structured, heavy songs that growl and screech mercilessly before soaring into the heavens, taking your conscious with 'em... (8/10)" - Rock Sound
"'Darkness Prevails' is fascinating, charismatic, taking the whole concept of structured noise deeper and deeper into the twilight zone... (7/10)" - Metal Hammer