LOSTPROPHETS - Liberation Transmission

Title: LOSTPROPHETS - Liberation Transmission
Catalogue Number: TORMENT68CD
Release date: 26th June 2006
Number of tracks: 12

01. Everyday Combat
02. A Town Called Hypocrisy
03. The New Transmission
04. Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)
05. Can't Stop, Gotta Date With Hate
06. Can't Catch Tomorrow (Good Shoes Won't Save You This Time)
07. Everybody's Screaming!!!
08. Broken Hearts, Torn Up Letters And The Story Of A Lonely Girl
09. 4am Forever
10. For All These Times Son, For All These Times
11. Heaven For The Weather, Hell For The Company
12. Always All Ways (Apologies, Glances And Messed Up Chances)

Catalogue No: ITEM-000086

The number 1 album voted Best Album at the Kerrang! Awards 2006... Liberation Transmission is the 3rd album from the Welsh rockers. Features the singles "Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)", "A Town Called Hypocrisy", "4am Forever" and "Can't Catch Tomorrow".

"There’s pop here, there’s metal, there’s popular punk, there’s bits you can dance to, there’s moments that might make it on to Radio 2, and there are songs that will cause a riot of moshpit-mayhem at any rock club in any town in the land. Take your pick. Out of a riff that borders on being a physical assault will spring a refrain so catchy it makes Kaiser Chiefs sound like Kraftwerk. I’m not sure what the collective noun for great choruses is, but on these 12 songs let’s say it’s a contagion." - NME